Creative designers and worldly buyers Kristel and Michelle, have worked closely with their parents and company founders Francisco and Johanna, to produce a family business that offers one-of-a-kind handmade products to their customers. These products are supplied by other small family businesses from around the world.

From Italy to Thailand, Bali, India and Nepal, every item in-store is designed and crafted with love by artists and suppliers that our family has known and worked with for years. Each and every item is ethically produced with quality satisfaction. As well, each piece is thoughtfully designed, carefully sourced and proudly produced in small seasonal batches, using local, natural and recycled materials year after year.

Once our products have reached our shops, we continue our mindfulness choices back in Canada by offering a touch of personalization in order to offer a truly unique gift that brings meaning to you. This is brought to our customers through our personalized sterling silver jewellery selection and engraving, as well as our custom graphic design and printing services to create one of a kind apparel, mugs, pillows and greeting cards. Our team consists of creative and passionate individuals that work with you to design and create your perfect gift.


A main ambition behind Harmony is to help reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. This has become a priority to our family and our business. Our first step was to change the lighting to LED lights throughout all of our four stores. This was a step in the right direction, however we knew it was only the beginning. Since then we have decided to only offer products that are either eco-friendly or generate the least amount of waste as possible. For example, our clothing suppliers use natural and/or recycled materials to create our products, the printing we use in-store is water-based eco-friendly ink, and our jewellery is sterling silver which means it can be melted down and reused instead of throwing it out.

In addition to the listed apparel waste solutions of our company, we also have chosen to eliminate our buying of bulk apparel. In doing this, we buy smaller amounts of clothing that will be sold, as well as offer custom options that customers can design, leaving less room for apparel to go to waste from our company.



Harmony Crafts was a business started by Tony Darmon and Jackie Daniels. Our family met these two during our inauspicious beginnings at the St. Jacob farmers market as Earthwinds. Their mentorship is a major reason we still exist as a company today. Our shared beliefs of fairness, justice and respect for others meant that our relationship went from business to a deep, lasting friendship. Together we promoted artisans, considered risks and shared losses in learning together as business entities.

In October of 2003 after a trip to Nepal and Pondicherry, India, Jackie passed away for reasons that are unknown to this day. Jackie said that these places she travelled to were, ” where her soul truly belonged”.

After her passing, we combined the two companies – Harmony and Earthwinds. We continue to use Jackie as an inspiration and guiding light – a reminder of why we chose to do business the way we do. Harmony was her passion, and we work to keep her dream alive with worldly uniqueness and fair respect motives within our company.