35 Wyndham St. N


Our Wyndham location has a special place in Harmony’s heart, as it was the very first location opened. In the centre of downtown Guelph, it has continued to hold its character throughout the years. Wyndham is the home of our DTG printer.


492 Edinburgh Rd S


Only a short walk from Guelph’s Stone Road Mall, tucked away is our Edinburgh location. This location is full of charm, elegance and offering an intimate experience with our customers. More than your average mall experience.



42 King St. S.


Located in Uptown Waterloo, this store has a different flair and style than the rest. Like your sophisticated best friend that always has their life together, this store combines the modern chicness that Waterloo exudes with the absolute charm and character of Harmony’s products.


110 Ontario St.


In the heart of downtown Stratford, we’re in love with this bustling little city. Whether you’re visiting in the tourist season, or one of our beloved locals, we’re sure to have something unique for you.